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Accelerated Reader Each student has their own username and password.
AR Bookfinder AR Bookfinder allows you to see if a book has an AR quiz made. You will be able to see the AR book reading level, how many points it gives, and how many words it has.
Atomic Learning/Hoonuit 24/7 online professional learning system designed to meet your needs.
Login as:
Username - Your active directory
Password - Your district password
Brain Hive Access to E-Books Online

Student Login:
Username: ID number
Password: sID number (lower case s followed by ID number)

Teacher Login:
Username: email address
Password: mission
BrainPop/BrainPop Jr./BrainPop Espanol username: bryanes password: bryanes
Britannica E-STAX E Books

Username: bryan
Password: bears
Duolingo Learn a new language for FREE! Create a personal account and study at your own pace.
Over 20 languages available
EBSCO username: bryan
password: bears
Encyclopedia Britannica username: bryan
password: bears
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